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Hi.Hope everything is well with you all.I want to wish you all a happy holiday season. Merry x-mas and a happy new year as well. Thanks for all the support!!! 04-08-07

Hello.Summer vacation is over (at least for me)First i have to say that im sorry for the lack of updates.I got this great new site but still after 2 years i have not done much.It does not mean that this site is dead or anything.I will update it and add more stuff.Maybe i can blame the lack of time or something.I dont know.For those looking for guitar lessons,its not the end of the world,there is lots of other great sites out there.I also feel that the lessons written here are pretty good and should keep most guitarist busy for a while.But i will upload more! Im not sure about the layout yet..It looks old and unprofessional and so on..But so what ? At least if/when you print the lessons they come out right..Its all pretty simple,but they will download faster and they are ad free.

Ok,some updates.. I changed the front page a little..I now call this site "Morten Gjermundsen`s Official Website" That means it´s no longer "just" a guitar site..I will now also add other stuff here (i already did anyway..)

If you look at the page you will also see some minor changes,and also a new pic.Its my Jackson Kelly guitar.

A few new pages are up.. Mp3 page, Morten, Blog, Pictures, Other bands, Like everyone else i got a Myspace page

The mp3 and music websites i posted earlier are gone now..But.. You can now listen and even download some of my songs on my Soundclick pages,18 songs at moment.Mostly old..Some new songs too,i will upload more new and old songs too.Ok,im tired.Its almost 5 in the morning..I will come back and make this a better site soon.I promise.

Thank you for checking out my site,hope you find it useful.

This my new website.I finally got my own domain name,more space and a ad free site.This means that i can do a lot more than i could before.On this site you find lots of guitar lesson,songwriting tips and ideas,mp3,midi files and a lot more.In time i will also try to add some videos.Thank you for checking out my site,hope you find it useful.

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