The most important thing you can do playing guitar is finding your own style and play it.
So what could be greater than writing you own song using your own ideas?
To get started you can follow me here using some or all of these tips.

recording your own ideas

It can be everything from small riffs and licks to larger chord progressions.
Get it on the tape so you know where it is.This is not just a great way to
remember things but allso a good way for you to hear how it really sounds like.
A great riff might not be that great afterall while the not so good stuff might be great.
You never know before you listen.If one of your song miss something or you feel
you need something else in there play the tape you might find something good there.

Things to remember when recording

Donīt try to be the greatest guitar player.Just get the basic idea recorded if
you play a few notes wrong so what?You are not going to sell this tape anyway.

Never ever record new ideas over the old ones.Buy a new cassett,cassetts are cheap.

Ask someone

If you let others hear you music they can tell you what they like/dislike and why.
This will help you see things from another perspective.

Check back here soon.I will write more songwriting tips.

This is a way it can be done.A way to get you started.If you come
up with your own ways or ideas of doing these thing do it,afterall
itīs your songs/music that is important.

Remember the more you write the better youīll get.