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This is the first songwriting tips page out of 5 so youīll soon (or maybe already) find more about this great topic on my site.I canīt promise you to write better songs after reading this,but it sure wonīt hurt you.I have written about songwriting before to check out my first songwriting page click here.Writing songs is an important part of playing guitar (or any other instruments.) Writing your own songs will make you grow as a musician.You wonīt get far if you only play songs by others,so read on.

I think itīs important to start writing your own songs as early as possible.I myself started writing songs after learning two or three chords.When i started playing i wasnīt any good and learning songs by others was really hard.I used alot of time practicing songs by other bands like Dio,Blackmore,and Dream theater. But most of their songs was too fast and difficult for me.I didnīt want to play childern songs i wanted to play rock.I felt i didnīt have any choise but to write my own song.most of the "songs" i wrote sounded terrible but for me that didnīt matter.I wrote my own songs and it got me playing and learning more.Everytime i learnt a new chord i would strum it over and over again and listen as closely as possible to itīs sound.Then i would write a song using that chord alot.I learnt many chord that way and wrote many songs too.My songs got better and so did my guitarplaying.I think the best songwriting tips you can get is "start writing now" Just strum a few chords and get going.You shouldnīt expect you first songs to be the greatest.But your writing will get better in time.One thing is for sure if you donīt try youīll never make it.After writing a few songs im sure youīll have a good song or two ( maybe more).If not write more and then even more.The more you try to write the more idaes youīll get.So start writing right away.

Well.This is the end of songwriting tips part 1.Maybe not so many tips presented here but for the once just starting playing an instrument itīs a good beginning. I hope you found this page intresting and that you can use some of the tips and information written here or on my other songwriting page in your writing.Remember never to give up no matter what.You can do it if you take your time with it.Good luck with you writing and donīt forget to check out my site again soon.

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