By Morten Gjermundsen.

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I have wrote some stuff with the use of tablature programs.And i thought why not share some of the midi´s with you.For now there is 15 midi´s here.Most of these songs can also be found in mp3 format here.You can also learn some of these short songs by going to the Tablature page.Now let´s hope you like them...

Listen to them here.

  • Cold.
  • Dreaming.
  • Eventyr.
  • Fifth.
  • Free.
  • Green poisen.
  • Green poison(without solo).
  • Journey.
  • Klassisk.
  • My cat.
  • The seventh song.
  • Silent
  • Song of the moon.
  • The end.
  • Vision of the future.
  • Winter.
  • Listen to these songs in MP3



    I will upload more.So if you liked it come back again soon.

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