Tablature by Morten Gjermundsen.

I have wrote some stuff with the use of tablature programs.And i thought why not share them with you
that is if you want If not click here.For now there is only four of the songs here.and they should be pretty easy for
you to follow...If you want to hear them in midi version you can click the "here" right after each link.

The fifth tablature.Listen here

The seventh song tablature.Listen here

Winter tablature.Listen here

Green poison tablature.Listen here

Green poison Guitarsolo tablature.Listen here

Green poison Guitarsolo in pdf (acrobat format).Listen here

Journey tablature.Listen here

Journey Guitarsolo tablature.

Listen to these songs in MP3

The fifth

Seventh song.

I will upload more soon.So if you liked it come back again soon.

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