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What should you practice ?

Practice the things that inspires you.My inspiration for example would be Ronnie
James Dio,Dream Theater,Ritchie Blackmore and Troy Stetina.I also get inspired
by myself seeing my own improvement that would be when i play something cooler,
faster and better.Take a few minutes to figure out what inspires you.,also think
about why you play guitar at all,why did you start? I belive i started playing after
hearing a solo by Michael Weikath,i thought it was great and i wanted to do the
same and so i did. I did´nt practice at that time.All i did was playing a few songs by
others. After awhile that was´nt fun anymore.I needed to refresh my playing,and
here´s what i did.I bought some new cd´s and i tryéd a new band(new for me
anyway)Dream Theater.I was like WOW!!!This is great!Who is playing guitar
here ?John Petrucci was amazing on metropolis.And erotomania from awake,
Unbelievable!!!After that i thought my own playing suckéd.And it did. At that
time i got more serious i shredéd on my room for hours everyday.I then bought
Speed and mechanics for lead guitar by Troy Stetina and my playing change´d
dramatical.When i see a band playing live i always want to play right away.
Maybe you feel it that way too?

What i mean by telling you this is that you can´t become a good guitar player
without any goals to set for your playing,and to reach them you have to practicing.
When you get better you can´t just stop practicing,you must keep on going in order
to be a better musician.The answer to the question what should we practice,Is
practice what you want to play better.
Click her for more practicing tips.

When should you practice?

  • You should practice all your time,all day and all night.At least 12 hours daily
    No.No.No!!Wrong!If you do so you may burn out or hurt yourself.You should
    only practice when you want.You should´nt have to practice at all.It´s your choise,
    if you don´t feel like playing don´t do it.Playing the guitar is and should be fun.
    Is´nt that the reason you started playing at the beginning?

    Why should you practice?

    This is something you would have to figure out on your own.

  • Just because you can play some songs,cool licks and
    solos does not mean you can play guitar porperly.

  • Every serious guitar players should practice daily,If you practice daily you surely will progress.

  • Avoid practicing the same things for to long,if you do so you will soon come to a point
    where you´ll sound worse.

  • Remember all guitar players need variation to progress,
    How can you progress if you only play the same things
    over and over all the time?


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