Imporovement by setting the right goals.


Every serious guitar players should have their own goals
(most people have..) To set a goal for each practicing
sessions will help you improve much faster.
Setting up goals everytime you practice will force you to
practice that skill till you really nail it.And when you have
reach that goal you´ll feel a lot better. And you´ll be ready
to set another goal and then another.

But to reach your goals you´ll have to make them realistic,
you can´t make it all happen in one day.Start with small pieces
and work it up.Never give up,if your about to do so think
about what you´ve accomplished allready and feel good about it.
If you have had problems before think about what you did
to fix it and try to fix this the same way.

I will here write some ways to improve your guitar playing skills.

Lets say you only know about 2 scales (major/minor)
and you only know how to play them in one position
moving up and down the strings.

Instead of trying to learn how to play them every places
possible on the guitar right away,start with just learning
the next position and play only that one.Play it for about
15 minutes then stop.and that´s all...It may seem like nothing,
but if you think so why not give it a try?
The meaning of this is that if you only practice a small piece
of music it will be easier to remember.Learn another position
the next day or when ever you feel your ready,as long as it´s
not the same day.Same with scales if you want to learn some
new scales take them one by one day after day.You will make
it allot faster that way because you don´t have to think about
the next position or scale or how it works all you need to think
about is one thing,reaching todays goal.