Practicing tips for maximum speed.Mortenīs Fasterplaying pt 2


If you want to get the most out of your guitar playing,thereīs alot of techniques youīll need to know and practice.One of these techniques is speed.If you have read fasterplaying pt 1 you should continue here,if you havenīt read it,you can read on anyway ( Fasterplaying pt 1 can be viewīd at the GUITAR TIPS page ).I will here tell you about some great tips to really improve your guitarplaying.But be care full with these tips.Donīt over do it,you may hurt yourself.


The reason this is not for beginners is because beginners hasnīt practiced enough to handle these tips.If you are a beginner using there tips can hurt you fingers causing injures that can take a long time to heal.So if you are a beginner go here immediately.For the ones left here is what you can do to increase you speed. Use batteries!tape them to your fingers.Begin with some small batteries at first and as you progress change them to some heavier.Still use your metronome to play in time if you canīt follow your metronome slow down. Practice using chromatic scales using every half step(chromatic scale=12 notes scale)Up and down the neck.create variations,instead of just playing fingering 1 2 3 4 up the neck and 4 3 2 1 down,play 2 4 3 1 up and 3 1 4 2 down etc...

Another thing you can do to speed up your guitar playing is to tune your guitar 3 or more steps higher than normally E to G( if your guitar can handle it that is!).Your guitar will be much harder to play on.Then add batteries.This can become painful at first so take it slow.If it hurts STOP!!Remember to take it slow at first(i canīt say enough).When you start to feel comfortable with strings and batteries start practicing like i described in fasterplaying pt 1..Take a small piece of music (it can be something from a song,a lick,run,scale or any exercise you know) Memorize it and play through it slow (70 Bpm) 4- 8 times you should of course use a metronome.If you donīt got one BUY ONE NOW! the sooner you use a metronome the better,itīs ubeliveble how much it helps.Ok back to fasterplaying again...Increase the speed 5-10 Bpm and play more scales lick and runs.Push up the speed again and again till you canīt push it any further.Take a break relax then to this all over again.When you have done so,continue through this page because now it becomes even more challenging.

While your playing with your batteries and your guitar tuneīd up at least four steps higher,again that is if your guitar can handle it(my can).Create even more variations trow in some bends,hammer onīs,pull offīs,tapping use other octaves,change positions and/or strings etc.Be creative. Now remove your batteries tune your guitar back to standard.Notice how it feels. Everything will become allot easier.You will play faster without getting tired and youīll play less mistakes.Your hands getīs stronger and everything will be perfect..(well allmost.)

Im sure youīll practice like this again.

Click on the links below to view some scales,exercises to practice these tips over.Good luck.
Scales and modes
The modes
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