Written by Morten Gjermundsen.
Lead guitar soloing.What notes to play...

Ok the best and easiest way to play guitar solos that would fit your songs is
basically to play them in the keynotes scales.Lets say the chord progression
is A minor to C major to G major,then you could use the A minor scale to
improvise a solo.You can also use others.The A minor Pentatonic scale will
make you sound bluesier.The Phrygian dominant will make you sound really
heavy.Record yourself or get a friend to play an open A string 3 times then shift
up to the 12 fret(A string) or similar,thet add the Phrygian dominant scale to
it.Itīs really cool and itīs easy too.Of course these are not the only scales you
can use,it just gives you an idea on how it can be done.Be creative and try out
these scales in different positions to create some licks and solos on your own.

You really donīt need to know any scale at all to play good lick and solos but
it will really help you.Most important is how it sounds to you.Your songs are
your songs so it should be your choise how it should sound at the end.If you
follow your ears and your imagination im sure you will get some great ideas.
Before i knew how to play scales i useīd to sing over the chord progression
and then translate my singing to the guitar by ear and there i had a solo.Of
course doing this can be difficult at first but once you get into it music will
come easy.Donīt be afraid to sing,if you donīt want to sing inside you and
translate your feelings.This is a great way to write great solos.
Listen to the feeling of your songs and sing it.

Check out Some scales and modes in the key of A! More to come later.

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